WhoKey (Account)

The WhoKey is a key component of the MFK, consisting of the 6 chartfield elements of Fund, Organizational Unit, Department/Subdepartment, Grant/Program, Function and Budget Reference Field.

Example of a Master File Key

The WhoKey, also called "account", is the primary focus of reporting and related report distribution, compliance and account maintenance for the University of Iowa. Org Units and departments must assign an Account Owner and Reviewer to each account. Accounting and Financial Reporting distributes a monthly electronic Transaction Detail Report (TDR) for each account to the Electronic Financial Reports (EFR) Inbox of Account Owners and Account Reviewers. The completion of required account reconciliations are recorded based on the WhoKey, by accounting period & fiscal year. More information about the reconciliation requirements can be found in the Monthly Review of Transactions & Accounts Policy.

The Budget Reference Field (BRF) is the sixth chartfield element that makes up a unique WhoKey. This field is blank for all accounts, except for externally-sponsored projects (funds 500/510 with Grant/Program that begins with '1' or '2') and their related cost sharing accounts and DHHS salary cap accounts (Grant/Program that begin with a '3'). See Budget Reference Field page for additional information.