Introduction and the Master File Key (MFK)


The ACM provides the information necessary to accurately record accounting transactions that post to the University's accounting system, PeopleSoft General Ledger. All transactions post to the General Ledger utilizing the Master File Key (MFK) to group financial data into the many different University divisions and to classify transactions by the categories of revenue, expense, encumbrance, asset, deferred outflows of resources, liability, deferred inflows of resources and net position.

The Master File Key (MFK)

The MFK is the primary focus of input for financial transactions at the University. All accounting transactions require an MFK to identify the correct accounting balance to debit or credit.

The MFK consists of the following all numeric chartfield elements, including the length of each:

  • Fund (Fnd, 3)
  • Organizational Unit (Org, 2)
  • Department (Dept, 4)/Subdepartment (Subdept, 5) (9 total)
  • Grant/Program (Grant/Pgm, 8)
  • Institutional Account (Iact, 4)
  • Organizational Account (Oact, 3)
  • Departmental Account (Dact, 5)
  • Function (Fn, 2)
  • Cost Center (Cctr, 4)
  • Budget Reference Field (BRF, 2)

Example of a Master File Key